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Business Immigration

If you are seeking to uncover new opportunities as business managers, investors, and entrepreneurs, connect with us to turn your dream into reality. Through the business immigration programs, the Canadian government offers the golden ticket to businesses of all shapes and sizes to flourish and help the Canadian economy touch new heights.

Types of business immigration programs

The federal business immigrants program can be broadly divided into two categories:

Start-up visa

Under this visa program, all the eligible immigrant entrepreneurs mastering the exceptional skills to showcase their ideas through a startup are allowed to enter Canada. Their businesses must benefit the Canadian economy by creating jobs for Canadians and scaling up the country's economy.

Self-employed Persons

Through this immigration stream, the government of Canada may grant permanent residency to individuals who aspire to become self-employed in Canada. Those having experience in cultural activities and athletics are also welcomed to make a considerable contribution to Canada's athletic or cultural life. Under both the federal business immigration programs, in order to be eligible, individuals must have adequate experience in managing and doing business, have ample funds, and fulfill the language proficiency test.

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