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Citizenship Applications

Citizenship Applications

Many Canadian people who have weathered the immigration procedure look forward to having granted citizenship by IRCC and are excited for the day they can be called an official Canadian citizen. Before that dream comes true, there are a few essential steps that are needed to be addressed to get the Canadian citizenship application approved.

Requirements for Canadian citizenship?

candidates need to show proof that they have been residing in Canada for three years (1,095 days).

Rights and Responsibilities

Once you get the Canadian citizenship, you have the same rights and responsibilities as a native Canadian citizen. Though native residents share many of the same responsibilities and rights as Canadian citizens, the most common differences would be the right to vote in federal, provincial, and municipal Canadian elections and the elimination of residency obligations.

Citizenship FAQs

Does a child need to fulfill the three-year minimum residency requirement?

No. permanent resident children under the age of 18 are not required to meet the three-year (1095 days) requirement to apply for citizenship.

Do I have to give up my current citizenship to get a Canadian citizenship?

No. As Canada recognizes dual citizenship, you might be able to keep your former nationality.

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