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Express entry PR

Express Entry was an online initiative proposed by the Canadian government in 2015 with the motive to manage Canadian permanent residency applications based on four federal economic immigration programs.

Federal Economic Immigration programs

Federal Skilled Worker

Under this program, all skilled and proficient workers with foreign work experience can permanently migrate to Canada.

Federal Skilled Trades

This immigration program is meant for skilled workers who aspire to become permanent residents in Canada based on their professional trade qualifications.

Canadian Experience Class

The skilled worker housing Canada work experience and wish to get permanent residency in Canada can do so under this program.

Provincial Nomination Program Immigration(PNP)

Under this Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the authorities in charge of Canadian provinces and territories nominate individuals who aspire to migrate to Canada and settle in a particular province like Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, etc.

Express entry PR procedure

The process of Express entry PR begins by checking the record of the applicants that include:

Personal profile and background record
Skills and work experience
Language proficiency
Job offer
Provincial Nomination

Based on the above factors, every individual is ranked through a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The cut-offs are decided by the CRS draw conducted by IRCC almost every fortnight. The candidates bagging the highest ranks are then sent an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residency. All the express entry candidates who are not issued an ITA within 12 months are eligible to stay in the pool for 12 months, and thereafter they are required to make a new profile and reenter the pool.

Once you are issued an ITA, a window of 90 days is provided to submit your complete application for PR that includes uploading all required documents. The application takes up to 6 months or less to get processed. 

All the profiles that adhere to the criteria listed in any federal economic immigration are eligible to get accepted into the express entry pool of applicants.

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