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Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship

Does any of your family members want to immigrate to Canada? Canada offers various immigration programs to Canadians to sponsor their family members to Canada.

Family Class Sponsorship Program

Family reunification is an essential pillar of the Canadian Immigration System. The Family Class Sponsorship Program reunites families since permanent Canadian residents or citizens can sponsor a relative to Canada.

A person seeking Family sponsorship must be in-line with any of the below-mentioned eligibilities:

Spouse, common-law, or conjugal partner
Dependent child
Sibling, nephew, a niece under 18 years

Who can Sponsor?

To be a sponsor, you must satisfy the below-mentioned Requirements.

A sponsor must be an adult Canadian permanent or citizen over the age of 18
A person can not sponsor his family member if there is any case pending in court against him.

Sponsorship Agreement

Firstly, the sponsor must agree to financially support their family members so that the new permanent resident will not require government assistance. However, the length of this sponsorship depends upon whom you are sponsoring:

Spouse or common-law: 3 years
Dependent child: 10 years or when he reaches age 22
Children over the age of 22 : 3 years
Parents or grandparents: 20 years
Other Relative: 10 years

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