Student Visa

Student Visa

A student visa, also termed as the study permit, refers to an official document that gives you the access to pursue international study in Canada for a predetermined time. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) organization is at the power of granting the students study visa or study permit. However, you may also require a Temporary Resident Visa to get admission in Canada depending on your citizenship, country, and residence.

Eligibility Criteria

All international students planning to study in Canada must adhere to the following eligibility criteria. Once IRCC determines that you have fulfilled all the criteria, you are granted the study permit. For being eligible to apply for a study permit in Canada, you must fulfill the following criteria:

You must secure a letter of acceptance from an IRCC and Canadian government-recognized educational institution in Canada.
You must not have any past criminal record. Also, you must have obtained a police clearance certificate for the same after getting your record checked.
You must have cleared the medical exam if applicable.
You must be able to prove that you will leave the country once your study permit expires, or you must apply for the post-graduation work permit if found eligible.
You must show that you have enough funds that will get you covered your living expenses, transportation expenses, and first-term tuition fees. All this will be validated by doing a record check of your bank account.

Working in Canada

Work as a Student

Landing in Canada as an international student uncovers an array of opportunities and avenues that help you gain exposure and work experience. You are entitled to enjoy various opportunities in the Canadian workplace market depending on the different stages of your study.

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